Green Driving

Drive Green with Europcar's tips!

The way you drive your car affects how much fuel you use and the amount of CO2 emissions your car produces.

By following the tips below you reduce your fuel consumption and CO2 emissions:

  • Driving smoothly can reduce fuel consumption: check the road ahead, anticipate traffic and avoid abrupt acceleration and braking.   
  • Shift to a higher gear at the right time: another way to reduce your fuel consumption is to shift up your gear at 2500rpm for petrol cars and 2000rpm for diesel cars. A vehicle travelling at 60 km/h in third gear uses 25 per cent more fuel than it would at the same speed in fifth gear.
  • Switch your engine on and go: modern engines are designed to be most efficient when you just switch your engine on and go. Keeping the engine running or pumping the accelerator wastes fuel, increases engine wear and increases emissions.
  • Switch your engine off if you know you won't be moving for a while.
  • Check your tyre pressures regularly: under-inflated tyres can increase your fuel consumption. Half a bar less means an increase of 5% in your fuel consumption.
  • Drive within the speed limits: at 100 km/h you could be using up to 30 per cent more fuel than at 90km/h.
  • Remove unnecessary weight and roof racks: they increase the weight and air resistance hence increase your fuel consumption. Air conditioning and other on-board electrical devices (like mobile phone chargers) increase fuel consumption, so only use them when necessary.

Europcar has partnered with WeForest so that together we can plant trees in the desert and give nature a helping hand.

Each time you rent a car, all you have to do is donate a green fee of just £0.45p. Then Europcar matches your donation, so that together we plant two trees in the Burkina Faso desert.

The project we have chosen to support with WeForest aims to protect the highly vulnerable region of the Burkina Faso Sahel from further degradation and impacts of climate change,  by reforesting 15 million hectares along a 15 km-wide, 7,775 km-long belt, from Dakar to Djibouti. This area is part of the Great Green Wall (Grande Muraille Verte). The project has been developed by the African Union to fight desertification in South Sahara.

Go for Green with Europcar!

At Europcar, we are committed to offering our customers the newest range of vehicles which benefit from the latest innovations in terms of green technology (reduced CO2 emissions, hybrid, electric...)
The Europcar fleet produces much lower emmissions that the European average since our passenger vehicles are extremely  new (average age of 4,7 months) and CO2 emissions are at the low level of 125.2g/km

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