Terms & Conditions

Specific Terms per country

Please consult the specific hire requirements of the country where you will hire the vehicle using the corresponding listbox. Hire conditions per country are subject to change without prior notice. Please check at pick-up time.

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To download a PDF version of the current UK T&Cs, CLICK HERE

The UK Terms and Conditions of Hire (which we’ll refer to as ‘T&Cs’ from here onwards) together with the supplementary information that is contained in these UK specific website terms will apply to all rentals that start in the UK.


A copy of the UK T&Cs will be attached to your confirmation email (if you are booking online or via our Reservation Centres) or, if you haven’t pre-booked online or by phone, you will receive a copy when you collect your vehicle or when it is delivered to you (whichever applies). The T&Cs should be read in conjunction with the supplementary information that is provided below in this UK specific website.  


If you are booking a car through the UK website for a rental in a different country please refer to the terms and conditions of hire in the country where you are heading because it is those terms that will apply to your rental.  Due to local legal requirements their T&Cs will be different to those for hiring vehicles in the UK and to this supplementary information.


- If you would like to contact us please CLICK HERE.

Additional Driver:

A car or van may be driven by other persons provided we give our consent and they meet the qualifications set out in section 2 of the T&Cs (Who can rent and who can drive?). All drivers must meet our standard qualifications as set out in the T&Cs and provide a current Share Driving Licence passcode. A daily charge for each additional driver during the rental period may be levied. You will be advised of the cost for this during the booking process.


The minimum age generally to rent a vehicle from us is 22. The age policy may vary at certain Europcar Branches and some vehicles and / or products will not be available at all to drivers under the age of 25.  Any such variation will be indicated during the booking process. Section 2.3.4 (Who can drive the Vehicle?) of the T&Cs gives further details of our age policy and the young driver surcharge. 

There is no maximum age restriction to driving one of our vehicles except in the following locations where the maximum age is 75 years:  Plymouth, Exeter City, Taunton, Pembroke and York

Animal Policy:

We do not allow any animals other than Assistance Dogs to be transported in our vehicles.   


If you are travelling with an Assistance Dog we draw to your attention that we do not supply dog guards or any other form of animal restraint for our vehicles and you are therefore responsible at all times for the behaviour and well-being of your dog.  This responsibility includes ensuring that the dog is suitably restrained at all times so that it remains safe; it does not distract the driver or cause risk or injury to you or any other passengers sharing the vehicle with you.  


Please Note that we do not under any circumstances accept liability for damage suffered by the vehicle or for injury caused to the dog or to you or the driver or to any passengers as a result of your failure to keep the dog appropriately restrained and/or controlled.


In addition you are required to return the vehicle to us in the same condition as it was at the start of the Hire Period (fair wear and tear excepted).  If it is returned to us in a dirty or messy and/or damaged condition to the extent that it will require specialist cleaning and/or repair before it can be rented to the next customer then you will be liable for the special cleaning/valet charge described in the Tariff Guide attached to the standard terms and conditions of hire (T&Cs).


Baby and Child Seats

It is the law in the UK that all children under three years old must use an appropriate child restraint ("baby seat") when travelling in any vehicle and that all children aged three or more years old and up to 135cm (approx 4ft 5in) in height must use an appropriate child restraint ("booster seat") when travelling in a vehicle.

·         You, as the driver, are responsible for ensuring that any children aged under 14 years travelling in the vehicle use either a seat belt and/or the appropriate child restraint.   The penalty for offenders is a £30 fixed penalty notice or a maximum fine of £500 if a case goes to court.

·         You can hire a baby seat and/or a booster seat from us at the daily rate set out in the Tariff Guide attached to the T&Cs.  Please ask for details at your local Europcar Branch or, alternatively, you can add this product to your booking via the 'Choose your extras' section.

Please note that whilst we can supply these seats we do not fit the seat for you.  This is always your responsibility.

Cancellation, Modification, Refund and No Show Policy:

This relates to situations where you may wish to cancel or modify your booking or what happens if you don’t show up to collect your vehicle.  Our policy for all of these situations is described under section 16 of the T&Cs (What if I want to cancel or modify my booking?)

Delivery & Collection - 

Deliver & Collect’ is our UK nationwide delivery and collection service that is available for cars, vans and our Selection range of cars.  For a small fee and for your convenience we will Deliver to and/or Collect a vehicle from your home or your place of work or an hotel (although there are some geographical restrictions).

Deliver & Collect is available at all UK Europcar Branches except for airports at London Barking, London Woodford Green, London Excel, London Enfield and London Croydon; plus Manchester Piccadilly Railway Station

Deliver & Collect is provided subject to the following conditions:

·   Payment for the full cost of the hire must be made at the time of booking

·   Deliver & Collect must be booked at the same time as you make your booking and you must provide an accurate contact number.

·   Cost for Deliver & Collect:

If you give us up to 24 hours notice:

    Up to 3 miles from Europcar Branch: = £15 each way;

    3miles or more from Europcar Branch: = £15 each way + £1.95per mile for each mile over 3 miles each way

If you give us 24 hours notice or more:

    Up to 3 miles from Europcar Branch: = £5 each way;

    3miles or more from Europcar Branch: = £5 each way + £1.95per mile for each mile over 3 miles each way


 ·   Deliver & Collect is available:

· Monday to Friday 9-6pm

· Saturday 9-1pm.

· Sunday not available.


   ·    Minimum booking notice

·  Cars: 2 working hours for home address and 24 working hours for business address.

·  Selection vehicles and vans: 48 working hours.

·  All bookings will be confirmed by the Europcar Branch and we will Deliver the vehicle within 1 hour of the time that was agreed when you made your booking. You must ensure you are available to accept delivery of the vehicle and to sign the Rental Agreement.

    ·  If we Deliver to

· Your home address: the address must be the same as both the payment card you used to make the booking and your driving licence and you must be available to accept delivery of the vehicle and to sign the Rental Agreement.

·  Your business address or an hotel: then you must give us 24 working hours notice and we will require proof of your home address (as above), and either proof of your employment at the premises or your status as a guest (at the hotel) at the time of delivery and you must be available to accept delivery of the vehicle and to sign the Rental Agreement.

If you are unable to provide us with the required information then we may refuse to leave the vehicle or we may ask you to complete the transaction at the Europcar Branch.


     ·  We will Collect a vehicle from a home address or a business or an hotel address.

·  You must be available to inspect the vehicle with us and to sign the collection paperwork when we come to Collect the vehicle

·  All bookings will be confirmed by the Europcar Branch and we will Collect the vehicle within a 2 hour time-frame based on your selected time at the time of making the  booking.

·  If we Collect a vehicle from an address that is different to the Deliver address then a one-way charge may be incurred. The cost of the one-way charge will depend on the distance between the Collect address and the original hire Europcar Branch.  You will be notified of this one-way charge during the booking process.

o    We reserve the right to suspend, cancel or amend our Deliver & Collect service at any time without giving prior notice.

o    We reserve the right not to Deliver a car if you do not agree, or fail to comply, with any of these conditions


In addition to the cost of the daily rental charge you will be required to leave a security deposit.  This is explained in more detail under sections 9.1 (What are the other fees/charges that I may have to pay?) and 19 (Must I pay a deposit before picking up the vehicle?) of the T&Cs.

You can also review further details of our deposit policy at the following address on this website http://www.europcar.co.uk/terms-and-conditions/deposit-policy

Driving Licence:

·       Satisfy the following endorsement restrictions (because this will dictate whether or not we can rent a vehicle to you or allow you to drive it):

Driving Licence Endorsements



Northern Ireland


50.08.290, 50.08.295


Any licence with two or more periods of disqualification


Any licence with one period of disqualification or

Any licence with no periods of disqualification


Any licence with one period of disqualification of less than 6 months


Any licence with no periods of disqualification

Refer to specific Endorsement Codes below




41.04.001, 41.04.002, 50.08.018, 50.08.123,

50.08.124, 50.08.125, 50.08.126, 50.08.127,

50.08.129, 50.08.130, 50.08.132, 50.08.133,

50.08.136, 50.08.139, 50.08.142, 50.08.201





50.08.204, 50.08.208, 50.08.212












All Other Codes


NOTE:  These restrictions apply to endorsements recorded on UK and Northern Ireland Driving Licences and will be considered in the order they are listed (e.g. if a licence has two or more periods of disqualification it is not acceptable even if the two corresponding endorsement codes are both acceptable on their own)



·         provide validation of their driving record each time they hire a Vehicle from us to drive in the UK.  To do this they will need to use the DVLA online service “Share Driving Licence” (at https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence) to view and create a one-time passcode.  To obtain the passcode the driver will be required to supply his/her driving licence number, National Insurance number and home postcode   

If a driver is unable to obtain a passcode online then s/he should call the DVLA Customer Contact Centre on 0300 083 0013 (Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm).  If this is not possible then provided the driver brings their National Insurance number with them when picking up a vehicle we can help them try to obtain the passcode by giving them access to Share Driving Licence.

For more information around the driving licence changes and guidance on using ‘Share Driving Licence’, drivers can visit: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/driving-licence-changes

Holders of the old style UK paper licence must also provide a Share Driving Licence passcode together with an additional form of photographic ID which can be a Full Valid Passport, an Armed Forces ID Card or a Police Warrant Card.  No other form of identification will be accepted.

Non UK driving licence holders must provide:

·         a full and valid driving licence which has been held for a minimum of 12 months.  It must be clearly identifiable as a driving licence; entitle the licence holder to drive the category of vehicle they wish to rent from us and valid for use in the UK.   If these conditions cannot be met then an International Driving Permit1 will be required (as well as your home driving licence);


·         the following additional documentation: (i) Passport; and (ii) proof of entry into /exit out of the UK (e-tickets acceptable) .

1 If a Chinese driving licence is not accompanied by an International Driving Permit then we can accept a notary translation instead   If your home country doesn’t issue International Driving Permits then a Letter of Endorsement issued by your home country Embassy or Consulate is acceptable.

Fines & Charges

You are liable for the payment of all charges, fees & costs arising from any congestion charge, bus lane penalties, speeding fines, road traffic offence, or parking offence involving the vehicle, including costs from the vehicle being clamped, seized or towed away & any charges/costs (or failure to pay) of the appropriate organisation if & when they ask for these payments together with our administration fee. 

Please familiarise yourself with sections 9.3.1 (‘Charges and Fees relating to Fines and Penalties’) and 21.2.4 (‘Use of Personal Information’) of the T&Cs for further information.

Fuel Options and Refuelling Policy

All vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel at start of the hire period and you are responsible for the consumption of all fuel from the point the vehicle leaves the Europcar Branch.  The rules that apply to fuelling and refuelling vehicles in the UK are set out in section 18 of the T&Cs (What is the fuel policy?)  

If you collect the vehicle from the Europcar Branch and return it to a Europcar Branch yourself then, unless you have taken the Full Tank Option (see section 18.2.1 of the T&Cs), you must return the vehicle to us with a full tank of fuel (see section 18.2.2 of the T&Cs ‘Full to full’ option).  If you haven’t taken the Full Tank Option and you don’t return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel then we will charge you to top up the fuel tank with the missing fuel.

If you choose our Deliver & Collect service then you are responsible for the fuel we use to Deliver and the fuel we use to Collect the vehicle.  The vehicle will leave the local Europcar Branch with a full tank of fuel.  Unless you have taken the Full Tank Option (see section 18.2.1 of the T&Cs) you are responsible for leaving the vehicle for us to Collect it with a full tank of fuel.  If you don’t (and you haven’t taken the Full Tank Option) then, if your collection point is outside of a 5 miles radius of the local Europcar Branch, you will be charged for fuel used to top up the fuel tank when we have returned it to the Europcar Branch (so this will include the fuel used by us when we Collect the vehicle).

Whether you have chosen to collect the vehicle from and return it to a Europcar Branch yourself or to make use of our Deliver & Collect service then any necessary top-up of fuel will be charged at £0.30 per litre above the national average litre price published by the RAC at the following website address: https://www.rac.co.uk/drive/advice/fuel-watch/ plus,