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Europcar cares for the protection of the environment and for the sustainable development. For this reason we are striving to answer customers' demand in terms of environment through quality certification and fleet initiatives.

  • Fleet initiatives

- There are regular trials of innovative eco-vehicles in Europar's fleet, including a fleet of 280 "Flexifuel" vehicles in partnership with Ford

- Europcar France was awarded second price at the Oxygen Awards

- 95% of Europcar's fleet is Euro IV

  • Iso 14000 certification related to environment aspects

- Spain is certified since 2000 and implemented audits in 2006 to check compliance with ISO certification

- Portugal is certified since 2004 -  ensuring toxic liquid recycling

- Italy is certified in 2006 - agreed with Lombardy Region to limit smog emissions

  • Customer's expectations

- Periodic re-assessment of our customer's expectations and values to establish service attributes that are the most important across our 7 corporate countries are performed . On the last quarter 2006 evaluation, Europcar was rated 7.5 for overall satisfaction.