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Make Europcar your only choice! Rent a premium car

Now and again, the journey matters more than the destination. So wherever you go, make your journey extraordinary, and treat yourself to the ride of a lifetime! Europcar allows you to select the premium model of your dreams from a range of top class vehicles from the world’s most prestigious brands — made with the passion you deserve.
What’s more, with our premium vehicles you can decide to choose the model you want to drive, or the category. So go ahead, make your choice.


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Why Choose Premium Vehicles from Europcar?

Whether you want to feel free, safe, in love or powerful, we have every premium car to match your desires, vision and journey. For every special occasion in life, Europcar knows how to get you there.
As a premium vehicle customer you will receive Priority service at the branch and benefit from our best-in-class service. Once your car is ready, one of our experienced agents will take the time to ensure that you are comfortable using all the vehicle’s features — make no mistake, we want you to take full advantage of your new luxury ride and be ready to hit the road in no time!
Whether you’re planning a business trip, or simply looking for a ride for your luxury weekend getaway — we offer premium vehicles at most major Europcar branches in Europe and Australia. So, let’s get this show on the road!

Luxury Experience

When you choose Europcar’s premium car hire, you get a luxury experience from beginning to end! It’s not just about renting a premium vehicle for your business meeting, your idyllic family holiday or your unbelievable road trip, it is about getting a first-class service from the moment you select the vehicle to the second you reach your destination.

Extensive range of premium cars

Europcar offers you an impressive range of premium cars made by legendary manufacturers who have mastered the art of performance, beauty and comfort. Whether it’s an S-Line Audi or the AMG Mercedes, you are in control and you choose the premium model that best suits your needs.

Choose your car

When you make your booking, be sure to request the specific vehicle you desire so your drive is exactly as you intended it to be! With Europcar, you benefit from 65 years of experience in high quality car rentals — a history of passion for unforgettable journeys! Anywhere in Europe, no matter where you need to go, Europcar will get you there in style!