How long can I rent a car for with Europcar?

At Europcar, we are here to offer our customers flexible options for their car rental experience. You may need to rent a car for a day trip, one-way, for a weekend away or for a road trip during your summer holiday. You may also need to hire a vehicle for a longer period of time, for a professional usage or instead of car ownership. Europcar makes it easier than ever to hire the right vehicle for you.

Daily or weekly vehicle hire with Europcar

To ensure your trip runs smoothly, you can rent a car or van from us for as long as you want. Need a vehicle for a day or two to help you get around for the weekend? No worries, our daily rental service will have you on the road in no time.
A more popular option is our weekly car hire, these rentals are spot on for a family road trip or holiday. TIP: always check longer rental, the price might surprise you!
Short term car rental with Europcar

Car & Van Hire for 28 - 84 days

If you need a vehicle for a little longer you can rent from anywhere between 28 and 84 days with our Superflex product.
In addition to all the benefits you would normally expect with Europcar car hire, you also can also have your hire car delivered to your door and additional drivers included in the price.
SuperFlex Solution

Long Term Vehicle Hire for Business

If you need rental vehicles for your business then Europcar Long-Term Solutions offers flexible car and van rentals from 28 days + with no upfront costs and no early exit penalties.
Our Long Term Solutions allow you to flex your fleet size according to your business needs, whether you need one car or van, a few vehicles, or a whole fleet, we work together to meet all your vehicle rental needs.
Long Term Vehicle Hire for Businesses