Fair Wear and Tear Guide - Light Commercial Vehicles

What this guide is for

At the start of the rental, you will be issued with an inventory of standard and optional equipment that comes with the vehicle.
You can avoid or minimise end of contract charges at the end of the rental period by following all of the advice provided by the rental location, to help keep the vehicle in roadworthy condition.
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Wear and tear must be appropriate to the usage on light commercial vehicles.
Parts of the vehicles are split into Green, Red and Orange Zones for simplicity when referring to the condition of a vehicle and differ by vehicle type.
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What are potential end of contract charges?

When a vehicle is collected or returned at the end of its rental, both you and an authorised member of our Europcar staff will need to be present to check its condition.
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Additional requirements when returning a Specialist Vehicle

Customers have a variety of ancillaries to ensure the vehicle they hire from us meets all of their needs. Click below to understand more about what is required when returning them.
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How we assess your vehicle on return

Europcar conducts its assessment at a time and a place with good light with a viewing distance. Click below to understand more about our return process.
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Download the pdf version of this guide here.