What are potential end of contract charges?

When a vehicle is collected or returned at the end of its rental, both you and an authorised member of our Europcar staff will need to be present to check its condition. Both parties should then sign the vehicle collection documentation (either on a hard copy or electronically on the Europcar returns device) where the condition of the vehicle will have been recorded.
You can also be asked to sign the condition report if the vehicle is too dirty to be able to do a detailed inspection upon return, causing the process to be abandoned. In this instance a charge may be applied to bring the vehicle up to an inspectable standard. Exact charges will be specified at the time of return, where appropriate.
If charges are applied by the location, you will be provided with a breakdown of the charges. If the damage charges are applied after the completion of the rental, they will be supported by photographic or other documentary evidence and an explanation of how the charges have been calculated.
When the vehicle is returned
On returning the vehicle, any special conditions that are specified in the rental agreement must be complied with. Generally, returning vehicles should be roadworthy, displaying no warning lights, free of damage or deterioration, except for fair wear and tear.
If we are collecting the vehicle, it should have – as a minimum – sufficient fuel or battery charge level (for electric vehicles), to enable us to return the vehicle to the intended rental location. In addition, if the vehicle doesn’t meet the return fuel policy applicable to the hire agreement then additional charges will be applied as per our fuel policy.
Badges, labels, livery and signwriting
Many of our customers request to have their own signage or livery on the vehicles they hire. Any alterations to our vehicle for livery, signage or even vehicle badges or emblems need to be agreed by Europcar before the start of the work. This includes removing Europcar branded livery from our fleet.
Once permission is given the work must be completed professionally and the vehicle returned to the original state at the end of the rental period.
Any damage caused by the fitting or removal of signage or missing items will be charged for. Alternatively Europcar can undertake the removal of Livery at the end of the rental period at the appropriate livery removal fee. 
This fixed removal fee will be charged per zone per side (see our ancillary pricing) for all vehicles with customers livery returned still in situ. The charge does not apply to Europcar’s own branded livery, if fitted
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