How we assess your vehicle on return

Return Checking Process
  • Europcar conducts its assessment at a time and a place with good light with a viewing distance of 2 metres at an angle of between 45-90 degrees.
  • The vehicle is washed and thoroughly cleaned to ensure no faults are masked.
  • We examine the roof, body and door panels and the bonnet by walking around the whole vehicle.
  • We will pay close attention to areas where the light reflects differently, as this can reveal any dents and scratches.
  • We look for chips, cracks and holes in windows, lenses and lamps.
  • We check hubs, trims and wheels for deterioration or scratches
  • We expect the interior and any load areas are valeted and/or well cleaned.
  • All upholstered areas will be checked for stains, burns, tears, odours and wear.
  • We will check all controls are fully functional plus any audio equipment and accessories.