How Zones apply to different types of vehicle

The images below represent the different body types of light commercial vehicles (LCVs). Working surfaces appear red, nonworking surfaces green, and interiors are orange. The expected condition at the end of the contract for these ‘working vehicles’ must allow for wear and tear appropriate to their use.

Panel vans and 4x4s

Outer shell of the vehicle is a non-working surface, hence identified as a Green Zone.

Panel vans and 4x4s

The load areas are classed as a working surface hence identified as a Red Zone. If the loading area has a rear step, the rear step will be red.

Coach-built bodies

All parts of the coach-built body are classed as a Red Zone. (Includes drop sides, flat-beds and tippers). The actual cab body is a Green Zone.

Luton with tail lift

The internal cargo area and the upper and lower surfaces of the tail lift platform are Red Zones.

Passenger areas and interior cab

These areas including their interior trim are denoted as the Orange Zone.