3 traffic rules to live by when taking a road trip

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There’s nothing more irritating than having to rush to reach a destination for a particular time and be delayed, even more so when travelling by public transport when there’s no control over which route is taken, even when you know a faster route.

Our research shows that 58% of people waste up to an hour every day sitting in traffic on the way to their destination. Whether caused by an accident or the result of road works, it is clear that UK drivers do not like to be delayed when making a long journey, as 43% voted that traffic and road works were the top most annoying delays. For road users and those travelling by public transport, delays and diversions are less than ideal to mark the start of your trip.

Starting a road trip should be stress and hassle free, particularly when travelling by hire car. Keep reading for three traffic avoiding rules we’ve identified to give you the best start to an even better journey.


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Plan Ahead

Though seemingly obvious, taking a look at your route prior to setting off is a great way to see delays along your travels. Knowing about road works, busy sections of road and preparing for confusing junctions is an easy way to cut time off travelling. Knowing what’s to come allows you to plan your time accordingly so you can leave earlier than usual, avoid rush hour and take the back routes to avoid heavy traffic.

Take Your Time

Getting your hire car delivered to your home or work address gives you more time to yourself; time for any last minute packing, making that final cup of tea, wrangling the kids together or simply having a few extra hours to relax before setting off. Letting Europcar sit in the traffic for you means you’ll be on the road sooner with no additional time or costs to get to our rental location. We bring the car and the paperwork to you, so starting your journey couldn’t be easier.

Limit Distractions

Journeys can seem so much longer when there are outside distractions such as children, pets and other passengers. The ‘are we there yet’ question wears patience thin, even if you do hit traffic, keeping the kids occupied and allowing focus whilst driving can make time pass much faster. Charge up a tablet with pre-loaded films and games to keep passengers happy, tune in to your favourite radio station and ensure there’s enough snacks and drinks to keep you fuelled for the journey ahead.


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