Charging your Electric Hire Car

Charging is easy!

Electric vehicles can be charged at public charge points, which can deliver charging speeds up to five times faster than domestic sockets. You can find your nearest public charge point here.
They can also be charged at home in a normal three pin socket. A seven hour charge time will provide enough electricity for a 60 mile journey. Please refer to our FAQ's for more detail.
Roadside charging cables will be supplied with all our electric hire cars.

Charging from home

If you have off street parking our charging partner, Shell Recharge, can offer hassle-free installation of a dedicated charging terminal.
The charging points can be adapted to any type of home and parking space to suit your needs.
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Charge cards

Roadside & Highway Charging

To make roadside charging easy, sign up to Shell Recharge by downloading the Shell Recharge App to your smartphone. Once registered you'll receive a charge card in the post to allow access to their network of over 10,000 public charge points across the UK.
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Find a charging location

The Shell Recharge App will direct you to the nearest available charging locations and 24/7 support will be available should you need it.
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Shell Recharge FAQ's