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Rent your Freezer Box Body or Refrigerated Van for catering, events or grocery delivery. The vehicles have an ATP-certified insulation, cooled down to -18 °C, and can accommodate up to 200 Euro boxes (or 820 kg payload). Ideal for a short-term order, seasonal needs, such as for the asparagus or strawberry business, or even for longer-term business rentals if you wish to replace your own fleet of vehicles!
Or how about a 4x4 pick-up suitable for a construction site, also available for rental with us!
Our commercial vehicle experts will be pleased to prepare an individual offer for short or long term rental. Renting with us means that you will also get support regarding these specific vehicles.
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Refrigerated Vans

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with Kerstner cooling unit
The ATP certified fresh service cooler allows the reliable transport of sensitive goods at up to 0°C internal temperature. In addition to a cooling while parked, in waiting or overnight, this vehicle also has a connection for an external power supply. So you have the possibility to store your goods optimally even for long service lives.
Technical Information
  • Seats 3
  • Power 120 kw (163 ps)
  • Volume 9 m3
  • Payload 820 kg
  • Cargo space Length : 3.20 m
  • Height : 1.60 m
  • Width : 1.80 m

Freezer Vans

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with refrigerated body
Whether it's a peak order situation in summer or a daily delivery business - our vans equipped with freezer cases always guarantee a reliable transport of your goods. In addition to a powerful cooling unit (down to -18°C) with certified temperature recording, the box body has almost 12m³ loading capacity and can accommodate up to 5 Euro pallets.
Technical Information
  • Seats 3
  • Power 120 kw (163 ps)
  • Volume 12 m3
  • Payload 880 kg
  • Cargo space Length : 3.30 m
  • Height : 1.86 m
  • Width : 1.90 m

Tipper Vans

Iveco Daily Simple/double Cabin
Ideal vehicles for transporting loose material such as sand, gravel, garden or demolition waste for construction.
Technical Information
  • Seats 3
  • Power 176 kw (240 ps)
  • Volume 42 m3
  • Payload 5.190 - 5.550 kg
  • Cargo space Length : 7.10 m
  • Height : 2.48 m
  • Width : 2.49 m

4x4 pickup

Ford Ranger
The perfect vehicle for your daily business on construction sites. With a 4x4 transmission, you will reach every destination on and off road. Plus, 4x4 vehicle is ideal for off-road destinations
Technical Information
  • Seats 5
  • Power 110 kw (150 ps)
  • Volume 1 m3
  • Payload 1.135 kg
  • Cargo space Length : 1.53 m
  • Height : 1.53 m
  • Width : 0.40 m

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