Top UK summer days out - how to beat the crowds

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Summer is the perfect time of year to leave the house and go on that adventure you’ve been putting off. The weather unfortunately doesn’t always behave, meaning your summer days out to the seaside are constantly getting rained on.

Come rain or shine, there’s plenty to see in Britain to keep your summer days out full of exploration and excitement. There’s no better way to end an incredible road trip than to visit some of the UK’s best kept secrets. Keep reading to find out where you could be going on your UK summer days out.

Sun Seekers

When summer arrives, UK residents in their millions flock to their nearest beach seeking a fun day out in the sun whilst others visit theme parks, tour the city or take picnics to their local park. Crowds are hard to avoid during the summer months, as on warmer days especially, beaches across the UK are packed leaving little space to relax and unwind. In Bournemouth alone, beaches have been recorded to attract over 3.5m visitors during the summer months, making it 6x more popular than the likes of Miami and Bondi Beach in Sydney.

If a peaceful slice of heaven is what you’re after, look no further than Nanjizal Beach in Penzance, Cornwall. Tucked well away from the bustle of Land’s End tourist spots and away from main roads, Nanjizal is home to the most spectacular views of rolling cliffs, emerald waters, pristine sandy beaches and an array of stunning coves and land forms. Finding a hidden gem like this is easy, just a 20 minute drive from Land’s End or a nice 40 minute stroll along the coastal path, you’re able to soak in the spectacular views along the way.


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Adrenaline Junkies

Getting stuck in a large crowd isn’t ideal, especially when the weather’s a bit sticky. Visiting a theme park is equally as daunting as the wait times for rides can hit a whopping 3 hours when parks are particularly busy. The trick to beating the crowds this summer? Wait for a rainy day! Although you may be risking a few rides being closed, waiting for the weather to turn sour is your best bet to ensure there’s no waiting around.

Arrive at Thorpe Park, Staines early, bring a poncho and prepare for the thrill of your life as you brave Stealth, the UK’s fastest roller coaster which reaches 80mph in a gut-wrenching 1.9 seconds. As you ascend its peak 200ft in the air, your view of London and the surrounding countryside is simply breathtaking, not just because you’re about to hurtle back to the ground in a near-vertical drop. You can expect to wait just 5 minutes for this ride when the weather’s not at its best, meaning you can go on time and time again – great for the adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers of the UK!

City Tourers

When schools break up for summer, many parents plan days out in the city to keep their children entertained. London in particular, being the UK’s capital city is a magnet for tourists during the summer months, making it near impossible to avoid the crowds even on a weekday. To ensure you get to see the attractions you want, it’s important to get there early. Between 9am and 12pm Monday to Thursday are the least busy times for attractions such as the London Eye when waiting times are drastically reduced.

If you’re more interested in modern art, the Tate Modern on Embankment is best visited on Friday and Saturday evenings after 6pm during their extended opening hours, so you’ll avoid the large groups and school trips.

Wherever you’re headed, make sure to plan in advance, book any tickets you may need and secure yourself a parking spot as London spaces can be very pricey. Most of all, enjoy the journey there.

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