How to prepare for summer holidays

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As we plunge into the summer season, it’s vital we know the do’s and don’ts of preparing summer holidays! To avoid any unnecessary stress in the run-up to that perfect family break, follow our holiday preparation checklist before you set off.

Book early to get the biggest discounts:

Booking your car hire early can save you hundreds! Preparing your car hire package in the off-peak season can make tremendous savings and leave you with more money to spend on having a good time.

Check your insurance and what it covers:

There’s nothing worse than being hit with a large unexpected car insurance bill when you’re abroad, so make sure you know what your insurance company will protect you from and what you may need to add on as an extra.

Plan travel expenses:

Before you go, it’s always a good idea to calculate how much money you’ll need and what you’re going to spend it on. Add a little extra to make sure you have enough for gifts and unexpected expenses.

Choose the right vehicle:

Car rental companies offer a wide selection of transport to suit every family and every holiday. Whether it’s a family car, economical or prestige, we’ve got it covered. Don’t forget, you can also access a comprehensive list of special extras to make your car trip easy and worry-free.

Get the lowdown on travel advice:

Don’t forget to check out travel advice from governmental institutions for the country you plan to visit as this will save you stress and hassle when you come to pick up your transport. Be ahead of the rest and know what to expect!

Beat the rain and the traffic:

OK, so while it may not be that easy to avoid the weather entirely, you can plan your route around it to maximise your trip and time at the beach! Get a detailed map or sat-nav to direct you around the traffic, not through it, and save your precious holiday time for fun activities!


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