10 conversation ideas to engage with a client when you are stuck in traffic

Happy Business Colleagues Going On A Trip By Car.

Being in a car with a client doesn’t have to be awkward or boring. Here are our suggestions to lighten the mood and have a good time while driving your rental car.

Bet on the children

What a way to bond! Hopefully, your client is proud of them and they will talk at length about all their achievements. Just don’t roll your eyes when they boast about young Kevin’s passion for beetle fighting. 

Politics is a no no, greenlight for culture

Just like at a Christmas dinner, you don’t want to broach any sensitive issues about politics or religion. It is just a prickly and sensitive territory. Instead, exchange views on the last book they loved or the latest series you’re binge-watching. You might not agree with each other, but at least, you will not end up veering off the road.

Couple Driving And Using A Gps While Pointing Their Way

Share good memories 

No matter our age, gender or hair colour, we all have that one thing in common: the next holiday. Ask them about their future plans, no doubt the conversation will flow. And if they don’t have any plans yet, talk about the best holiday ever. They will certainly love sharing some fond memories. 

Embrace the “Meow Generation”

If your client is young enough to know what a meme is, talk about the last viral video, meme or GIF you saw. Your coolness level will definitely rise. 

Prepare to be surprised 

What ’s your hobby? Here is another safe conversation topic. They will probably be flattered by your interest, and you might be surprised to learn this buttoned-up individual sitting in the car with you loves competitive dog grooming. 

This or that game

Depending on the relationship you have with this client, get them to answer silly questions, which is guaranteed to make you both laugh. Rolling Stones or Beatles? Pineapple on pizza: definitely yes, or total non-sense?

Business People Carpooling And Discussing Paperwork In Car

When in a car, talk about cars

It doesn’t have to be technical, but you can tell them about a road trip you recently took when you rented a car in Greece, and they could speak about the first car they bought when they were a student. 

Bond over cooking 

Food is a great topic of conversation because everybody loves food, right? Question them about their favourite recipe, number one restaurant, or the worst food they have ever tasted.

It is okay to brag a little

Say you are driving through Prague and you happen to be an architecture buff. Tell them about the Kinsky Palace or the artistic significance of the Čechův Bridge, not only showing another aspect of yourself, but they will also get some interesting stories to tell when they return home.

Make them laugh 

Talking about the latest news can be tricky and even depressing. To keep it light, share some unusual news and funny stories you have read lately, like this one: “Feminist disrupts psychic pig’s feeding time”. Honestly, who would keep a straight face? 

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