Driving in the UK - how well do you know UK road signs?

Uk Road Signs

As Brits prepare for the cold months ahead with days getting shorter and weather more extreme, driving on UK roads can become quite dangerous. Whilst out on the road between September and February, visibility can be affected by darkness, rain, hail, snow and fog, therefore it’s important all road users familiarise themselves with the Highway code, the controls and functions of your vehicle or hire car and of course, the roads themselves to ensure your journey is safe.

Europcar research has found that almost half of British road users do not know the meaning of some of the most common road signs. With hundreds of signs along the UK roadside and driving theory tests covering less than a third their meanings, it’s no wonder drivers are getting confused between an uneven road and a speed bump warning sign.

Blue, red, white and black, round, square and triangular, some with crosses, some with symbols and some with nothing on at all – it’s impossible to name every single one. We asked drivers to identify different road signs including ‘no through-road’, ‘lane closure’ and ‘no stopping’, however only 23% correctly identified ‘no vehicles past this point’ amongst others, meaning there’s much room for improvement with Brits’ knowledge of road signs.

How many can you name? Test your knowledge below with some of the most common UK road signs.


Road Signs
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