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So the resolutions have been made…but now how do you go about fulfilling them? Make the new you a reality by planning some resolution road trips around the UK and start off the New Year as you mean to go on.

Destination – de-stressing

Ah yes…we all resolve to be less stressed and not to let those little niggles get to us. But when you’re living in the manic bubble of work, home and family, sometimes it can be hard to see the bigger picture. So burst the bubble and get away with a relaxing spa escape.

Daily deal and voucher websites have hundreds of spa package deals to suit every budget, but if you really want to push the boat out, check out the Chewton Glen Hotel and Spa. Not content with being your average 5-star luxury country resort, this little slice of Hampshire heaven comes complete with lavish private treehouses and daily hampers delivered to your door, so you can really unplug and unwind. Hire a car in London for the 90-mile drive into the Hampshire countryside and feel your troubles melt away.

Destination – get fit

Gym sessions already becoming a drag? Self-imposed starvation driving you delirious? It’s time to stop this madness. Sign up for one of the fun fitness events happening all over the country and watch the pounds fall off. The Bupa Great Run series is a fantastic way to set an achievable goal and work towards a challenge. From Glasgow to Portsmouth and everywhere in between, there are suitable events for everyone. And the best bit is, once your body starts using up all that energy on exercise, you can (and should) eat again.

Destination – quality time with family

It’s funny how family life seems to always get in the way of…well, family. Get away and spend some real quality time together with a holiday that will suit the whole brood. Sunshine or not, there are all sorts of fun outdoor activities in the UK to sink your teeth into. Head to a purpose built resort like Center Parcs and get a taste of a variety of fun new activities. There is plenty here to accommodate all ages, from archery to quad biking, cycling, bird watching, swimming and plenty of dining and drinking for the later hours too. And thanks to the tranquil forest settings, it never feels too manic here, even during peak times – we promise.


Family On The Beach

Destination – save money

Most of us could do a better job when it comes to saving money. But scrimping and saving and paying off debt can become pretty stressful. It’s so stressful, in fact, that you need a break. And breaks cost money, resulting in that classic “lose-lose” situation.

We’ve all heard about holidays at home and seen the stats on how they end up costing just as much as breaks abroad. And of course, that can be the case – the UK is a world-class holiday destination after all. However, it’s also a place where you can seek out some of its best spots and have them all to yourself for next to nothing on a camping holiday. From the wild Scottish highlands to rolling English countryside and isolated Welsh beaches, it’s all there for the taking. And if camping reminds you of the uncomfortable summer holidays of your youth then rest assured, the days of leaky tarpaulins and cold baked beans are over. Check out Cool Camping for some of the best campsites around the country.

Destination – eat better

You’ve resolved to eat better, and eat better you will. Why not enjoy a weekend of foodie-fuelled fun at the Fat Hen at Land’s End, where you’ll learn how to forage and cook wild food. Hire a car from Penzance and enjoy some of Cornwall’s most jaw-dropping scenery at the same time as indulging in a gastronomic adventure.

If that all sounds too much like hard work, then alternatively just take a gander at some of the UK’s best food festivals. Around the country, there are festivals celebrating every food item under the sun, from scallops to asparagus and lobsters to garlic. No matter what the time of year, there is always something in season – so get out there and feast on your freedom (and loads of food, obviously).

Destination – travel more

All of the above! You don’t need to board a plane to expand your horizons. Hire a car and explore the UK to make your resolutions a reality.


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