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Usually located in the back of the vehicle, the boot is an area primarily used for storage due to its size. They are often in various shapes depending on the car and have different ways of being opened. Its size is often proportional to the vehicle’s size. Although it is not always used, the boot remains essential in certain circumstances, including going on holiday or moving a bulky object.

You have the option to choose your vehicle according to the size of its boot. The boot must be suited to your needs. The large fleet of vehicles that Europcar has available allows you to find the means of transport that suits you best.

The small boots of city cars

The smallest cars are called “city cars”. Meant for use in the city or the suburbs, they are easy to manoeuvre, light, practical and economical. However, they have small boots. This poses no problem when you only need to put in one or two bags, a large suitcase or even the food shopping for the month. But don’t ask for anything more. Depending on the makes and models, city cars have a boot that is around 200 to 260 litres.



The impressive boots of saloon cars

Saloons are perfect if you have a lot of mileage to cover. Spacious and comfortable for 5 adults, the miles go by without causing fatigue. The 400 to 500 litre boot (which equals the size of a 2-door refrigerator) can hold several large suitcases. A perfect choice for a business trip or a long weekend, as a couple or with friends. The boot of a saloon is very often spacious enough to accommodate all the suitcases and bags for an entire family holiday. However, sometimes its volume is still limited for extended family stays. The optimal storage space of the boot proves to be useful for saving space. It is also possible to add a roof rack or a top-box to increase storage space even more.

The people carrier for large families and camping holidays

To leave with total peace of mind, not worrying about whether the boot will be large enough to accommodate extra luggage, opt for our range of people carriers and family vehicles. Designed for large families, these vehicles are capable of carrying up to 7 people. The entire family’s suitcases and bags can easily fit. With a load volume ranging from approximately 700 to 800 litres, even tents and sleeping bags for camping can be brought along. Depending on the model, there are various systems used to open the boot: a motorised hatchback, sliding doors, etc.

A van for transporting bulky items or moving house

Finally, our line of vans provides a space that varies between 3 and 20 m³ depending on the following sizes: small, medium and large. Choose yours according to your needs. Small vans are perfectly suited to carrying a washing machine, a wardrobe or for going to the tip. The ranges above are ideal for moving bulky objects and organising a move.

On your next rental, remember to choose your vehicle not only based on its interior, but also the size of its boot.


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