The best spots to unwind around Frankfurt

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Your desire to take a break from your business trip is quite understandable. When in Frankfurt, why don’t you leave the city behind and explore its surroundings? We bet you’ll have lots to talk about at the canteen the next day.

You’re an architectural geek and you’re ready to show it

Darmstadt aka “The City of Science” is also a feast for the eyes. Located 22 miles (35km) from Frankfurt, the city abounds with Art Nouveau style. At Mathildenhöhe, a former artist colony, not only will you marvel at the Russian Orthodox Church, but you may want to enjoy a scenic view of the town at the Hochzeitsturm, an impressive 164 ft (50 metres) Art Nouveau tower. To complete your experience with the peculiar architecture of House Olbrich, Hans Dieter’s House and Behren’s House is a must see. 

Alexandraweg 23, 64287 Darmstadt

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Loose your suit and embrace German greenery 

If you are tired of concrete streets, head to Taunus, a low mountain range, 18 miles (30km) north of Frankfurt. Leave your fancy shoes behind to hike its highest peak, the 2890 feet (881m) Great Feldberg, ditch your tie and breathe in some fresh, non-polluted air. Finally, if you are fond of deep underground and subterranean spaces, make your way down the hypnotic Kubach Crystal Cave. 

Taunus, 61479 Glashütten


Finally, you get to feed a very cute llama  

11 miles (18km) from Frankfurt, a visit to the zoo will offer a well-deserved change of scenery. Two hundred species live in the forest park, although we have a soft spot for its African elephants, giraffes and red pandas. If you are well-behaved, you can even pet and feed some animals such as the African Black Dwarf goats or the Rhoen sheep.

Am Opel-Zoo 3, (ehemals Königsteiner Strasse 35), 61476 Kronberg im Taunus

Main In The Morning, Near Philippsruhe Palace, Hanau, Hesse, Germany

Is this the non-polluted air?

Covered in animal hair, drive just for two minutes to experience the typical Teutonic way of life. The small town of Königstein and its pedestrian cobbled streets are absolutely charming. However, if the ancient castle is not your cup of tea, Königstein is also renown for its invigorating fresh air. It is Germany’s only climatic health park, hence its highly recommended wellness centres. 

Königstein im Taunus, 61462


Food is good for the soul, they say 

Why don’t you leave your slideshow presentation behind and go for a 30 miles (49km) drive east? You sure deserve to treat your taste buds at Zum Krug in the lovely quiet town of Eltville. How can you not fall in love with the restaurant’s deliciously quaint facade? And how can you resist the Sauerbraten de Organic Weiderind, a German culinary national treasure to die for?

Zum Krug, Hauptstraße 34, 65347 Eltville am Rhein

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