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We all know moving home can be a real nightmare at the best of times! Even the thought of it sends shivers down our spines. There are so many potential things which could go wrong, from packing mishaps and breakages to that horrifying moment when you realise not everything is going to fit in the van. But we’re here for you. This moving day is going to be a breeze. Why? Well, we’ve put our best brains together and come up with a fool-proof guide. Take the stress out of a big move with the following tips:

First things first, let’s get that van booked in!

Locking in the dates for your moving day and getting a van booked is the very first step you’ll need to take. This can be a really simple task – just remember to leave yourself a few weeks to guarantee you’ll get the exact vehicle you want on the day you need. 

Even driven a van before? Even if you have and you’re a bit of an expert, it’s still important to do this bit right. Always book the right size van for the job. Whether you’re going to do the entire job yourself (and rope in a few of your mates to pitch in) or hire a couple of guys to do the bulk of the work, none of that will matter if you’ve selected a van that’s too small. No one wants to be that guy! 

When in doubt, always book something that looks bigger than what you think you might need. If you decide to book van rental through Europcar, you’ll find we have a choice of van sizes:

– Short wheel base van – only got a handful of suitcases and some boxes to shift? This size van should be a snug fit.

– Long wheel base van – a step up from our short wheel base option, this gives you extra height and over double the amount of space to transport all your things.

– Extra-long wheel base van – moving from a part furnished or reasonably small property? This van should get all your belongings in with room to spare. 

– Luton van – if you’re moving furniture and belongings from multiple rooms, go for our largest option which gives you a cool 18m3 to play with.


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Pro packing tips

Completed your booking and selected the right size van? The work doesn’t stop there! There are still loads of things you can do to prep both on and before your scheduled moving day. Yep we’re talking about the dreaded packing! 

Before moving day

Starting to feel stressed at just the thought of moving? Preparation is the key to not pulling your hair out! In those days leading up to your move, there are a few things worth considering:

– Make sure you’ve got more than enough boxes and packaging materials for all your stuff. Anything breakable should be wrapped up in bubble wrap or paper just in case.

– Got lots of soft furnishings, bedding, towels and clothes? Instead of panic buying another suitcase or awkwardly piling everything into boxes, go out and buy a roll of bin bags. These are brilliant for stuffing lightweight things into. Want to be more eco-friendly? Try biodegradable bags and reuse them after your move.

– To make it easier on yourself, think about the order in which you’ll pack everything in the van the day before. That way, you can move items which will go in the van first so they’re easier to access. 

– Tape up any boxes before you move them. If you drop one, the contents won’t spring out and end up all over the road. And no nosey neighbours checking out your stuff! 

– Take drawers out of bedside tables and chest of drawers to make them lighter to carry in and out of the van. 

– Consider dismantling any bulky furnishings. Got a bed frame to move? If it’s easy to unscrew the legs or headboard, it’s worth doing as you’ll then free up more space in the van.


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On the Big Day

Moving day is finally here! Whoop whoop! While your stress levels may be about to hit the roof, you should be able to relax a little bit if you use the following tips:

– Start packing up your van with any long, solid furniture. Place it close to the sides of the vehicle so there’s then a corridor down the middle for other stuff.

– Make use of any nooks and crannies created by furniture. Boxes can often stack very nicely inside a bookcase or a shelf that’s been turned on its side.

– Always stack light things on top of heavy stuff. Soft things are very unlikely to crush anything below them and can actually provide a bit of padding for more breakable items if you have to take a sharp turn or brake suddenly when you’re driving.

– Give yourself more than enough time to pack up your van. Rushing can lead to breakages or simply forgetting to pack certain items – there’s nothing worse than reaching a new home only to realise you left something behind at your last place and can’t get it back!

– The more people you have to help, the better. Make sure there are at least two of you moving everything in and out just in case you have heavy items which need an extra pair of hands to shift them.

– Speaking of heavy items, be wary of your back when lifting! Always bend with your knees and take regular breaks. You don’t want the first few weeks in your new home to be spent lying down in agony because you’ve done your back in!


Feeling a little bit more relaxed about moving day? Follow our handy hints above for a smooth, stress-free house move. Don’t forget, you might need to secure a van driving licence depending on which type of vehicle you’re hiring. 


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