The ultimate guide to make 2 deliveries in one trip

Smiling Family Carrying Boxes Into Their New House.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to properly load your van to save time, petrol and money. These practical tips will self-destruct in 15 seconds. Good luck. 

Label the boxes 

Before packing your rented van, take the time to put labels on boxes or items which will show the names and destinations of the shipment. This is called organisation and it is excellent.

Load heavy items first

Those hours spent at the gym are finally going to pay off once you start lifting those heavy items near the front of the rented van (closest to the truck cab). Keep them upright and distribute the weight evenly. Don’t forget to bend the knees when lifting so you don’t end up visiting your chiropractor again. 

Female Volunteer Writing On Cardboard Box Outside Truck

Think bottom to top

If you want to maximise space, you don’t need to be a Master of Engineering, just some common sense is enough. Stack up from the floor to ceiling, starting with the heaviest items. To avoid dealing with angry customers, wrap straps around large items to secure them and keep them from moving. Place fragile items on top.

Don’t forget the walls

If you need to fit longer objects, stack them vertically along the interior walls of your rented van. Work your way up, putting the smallest parts at the top. 

Volunteer Writing On Cardboard Box Outside Truck

Take care of the boxes

Once you have done the heavy lifting, thanks to those big muscles of yours, it’s time to stack together same height boxes to get an even surface. Since you are fit AND clever, you will do with a bit of space-saving by stuffing smaller pieces through the remaining gaps.

Give it some light

Finally, why don’t you hang a lantern or a battery-operated light in the back corners of your van to help you find what you need? It will be pretty handy when you need to make a late delivery.

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