Moving house checklist - top 10 tips

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Getting yourself and your home ready for a move can feel like a monumental task – but there are a few simple steps you can take to help ease the load. Get organised and de-stress with our moving house checklist.

Before the day:

– Clear out the house before packing – empty the garage, attic and cupboards and get rid of anything you don’t need anymore. Donate unwanted items to a charity shop or even have a car boot sale to raise some more funds for the move.

– If you’ve never moved before, ask your friends and family if they can recommend a removals company. Even better, if you’re not moving a whole house of furniture, hire a van and move yourself. It may be a little more work, but the extra cash you’ll save can go towards redecorating your new nest or even throwing a great house warming party.

– Contact utility providers around a month in advance to advise them of your moving date. With enough advance notice, TV, phone and internet providers can also arrange for your services to be switched on at your new property for your arrival date.

Organise for your mail to be redirected roughly three weeks before moving to ensure you continue to receive important post during the address change process.

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– Start packing items that aren’t frequently used, to spread the job over a longer time period. Pack things into lots of smaller boxes rather than fewer large boxes – these can become very heavy and ultimately, will slow down your progress on moving day. Also, pack essential items for your first night, such as your toothbrush, phone charger, kettle, a roll of toilet paper and pyjamas, in a place where they are easily identified after a long day.

– Start eating your way through the food in the cupboards and freezer. You’re unlikely to move this, so don’t let it go to waste!

– Leave a note for the new owners detailing any need-to-know info, such as where the switch for the boiler is and who your current utility provider is. Also note down a forwarding address for any mail they may receive for you and leave a mobile number – if they have an easy way to contact you, they’re much more likely to get in touch.

– Take meter readings for electricity, gas and water before you leave your old property. Repeat the process as soon as you arrive at your new house (and of course, check they’re all working).

– Map out the route you’re going to take to your new property and make sure any helpers you’ve recruited know the way as well. Make sure everyone has each other’s mobile numbers and plan out any breaks you’re going to take.

– If building furniture, prioritise getting the beds set up. After a long and tiring day, this will be the only essential you need – the rest can wait!

What are your top tips for a smooth move?

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