Hourly van hire is the smart way to go

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Sometimes only a van will do. When your task needs a van, you can get it done and dusted for a fraction of the cost with hourly van hire. Work smarter, work faster, get the job done.

Whether moving or delivering, hourly van hire makes perfect sense

What a simple idea to reflect the way you really live your life! Hourly van hire is the solution when you’ve hunted down that bargain sofa but don’t want to blow all the money you saved on hiring a van to collect it. Transporting a bulky item or delivering an old fridge to a friend has suddenly become a lot easier. Instead of having a van sitting outside clocking up the hours until its return on a daily timescale, you simply book your van by the hour. It’s such a simple solution to some of life’s bulkier problems!

Try hourly van hire on a schedule to suit your personal plans

Let’s be honest, if you’re moving flat, clearing the attic or delivering a piece of furniture to a friend, you are not really planning to take 24 hours to do it. So why burden yourself with hiring a van for a whole day? All you need to do is work out the hours you need, and that’s all you pay for. You can pick up your Europcar van in most UK cities, pay for a minimum of two hours, and return it before 5 pm the same day. If you’re in central London, you will need to plan your job for Monday – Wednesday. There may be mileage restrictions, just check the details with Europcar. It’s simple, no fuss, and you’ll get the job done.


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