Why you should consider Long-Term car hire


Have you ever considered renting a car instead of buying one? A long-term car rental offers many advantages and is worth thinking about as an alternative to car ownership or leasing. Renting a car isn’t just a good idea when you’re going on holiday, with hire options from several weeks to several months, it can also change the way you move every day, making your life easier and helping you to save money too.

Drive the latest cars

Even if you don’t own a car, you might still be a car lover. When renting a car long-term, you get access to the latest models from prestigious brands, without the commitment of buying or leasing. That means all the pleasure without the pain! Depending on availability in your country, you’ll have the choice of the latest cars in several categories, from economy and compact to family cars and luxury.

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Drive safely

While you’ll need to keep an eye on the car dashboard to make sure you refill oil or windshield washer levels when necessary, with a long-term hire, the car rental company is usually responsible for all repairs and maintenance. Plus, for extra peace of mind, it’s  possible to take full insurance without an excess, so you can be sure you won’t have to pay anything if the vehicle is damaged.

Roadside assistance is included in your rental fee, so if something was to go wrong with your long-term car rental, you don’t have to pay the out of pocket expenses associated with regular car maintenance. Europcar will provide you with a replacement vehicle straight away. You can  drive safely to your destination with confidence: you will get access to roadside assistance if ever you need it.

Drive flexibly

Depending on your offer, you will be able to return your vehicle to Europcar when you don’t need it anymore. This means that you can rent it for a few weeks or a few months, depending on your circumstances. You’ll only pay for what you need!

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