Life-saving checklist before a business meeting


Getting ready for a meeting can be a stressful experience. If you are not flexible enough to do yoga and not able to calm yourself down, here are a few practical tips to help you get prepped and skillfully handle the situation.

Confirm your appointment day before

Remember that recurring nightmare you have when you drive (naked) to a meeting and end up in the wrong building? You would not like this to happen in real life, would you? So, just send an email to make sure are in the right place at the right time.

Check your car’s fuel level 

Call us over-cautious but if you are heading to the meeting of a lifetime, you don’t want to run out of petrol. See, you can never be too careful. 

Young Woman Refilling Car With Gas Pump

Find the coffee shop closest to your meeting location

Keep on reading, you will understand why. 

Pick your outfit in advance

What if there is a ketchup stain on your lucky jacket or your favorite dress is still hanging in your best friend’s wardrobe? You need a backup plan.

Finally, get your new iron out of the box

Because you don’t want to look like you have slept in your car! Also, you don’t need a PhD to iron, just the iron you have never used. 

Get a good night’s sleep 

You might want to postpone your monthly poker night so the next morning you will be all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Get dressed after breakfast

Roll your eyes all you want but do you want to risk a coffee stain on the first shirt you have just proudly ironed?

Usa, New York City, Businessman Sitting In Coffee Shop, Using Digital Tablet

Check the battery on your computer and phone 

While grooming your lovely beard, plug in whatever needs to be plugged in. You don’t want your computer to take a nap during the presentation that took you weeks to prepare. And bring your car-charger for your rented vehicle for some more precious battery!

Go easy on the perfume

Unless you want to cause these incessant sneezes to the person in front of you who will, no doubt, end up cursing you by the hour.

Be there in advance

For once in your life, listen to your mother. What if there is a traffic jam on the road? There is nothing more stressful than sitting in the car fearing you’re going to be late. Give yourself ample time by leaving early and you will get to your destination without any excessive sweating from the face, armpits and hands. 

Get into the zone

Now, it’s time to go to the coffee shop you picked the day before. Sit and sip, coffee, tea, kale juice (whatever you like) and prep the meeting one last time. Finally, check if your mascara has not migrated to your cheeks, pop a mint in your mouth and go get them!

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