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Car hire delivery FAQs

What is freeDeliver?

• freeDeliver is our free delivery and collection service for car hire. Available on hires for 2 days or more within a 5 miles radius of a hire location.

• If you live more than 5 miles from a hire location, please use our weDeliver service.

What is weDeliver?

• weDeliver is our paid delivery and collection service.

Can I just get my vehicle delivered or collected?

• Yes, your can have your hire vehicle delivered and you can drop it back at one of our hire locations

• Alternatively you can collect your hire vehicle from one of our 180 hire locations and we’ll collect it from you at the end of the hire

What is the cost of weDeliver – our paid delivery and collection service?

• Prices are in addition to daily hire rate:

o 0-5 miles £10 each way – total £20

o 16-30 miles £20 each way – total £40

o 30+ miles £30 each way- total £60

Will I have to pay for fuel with weDeliver?

• The vehicle will be fully fuelled before leaving the hire location. The fuel required to drive the vehicle to your home will not be reimbursed. When the vehicle is collected it should be fully fuelled unless you have purchased our Full Tank Option. Back at the Hire Location the vehicle will be re-fuelled and you will not be charged for fuel. See our fuel options

• You will only be charged for fuel if the vehicle is not full at the time of collection (unless the full tank option was purchased).

• You will be charged at the national average pump price* plus £0.85 per litre for the full amount.* http://www.petrolprices.com/

When is delivery and collection available?

• Delivery and Collection is available within our business hours; o Mon-Fri 09.00 to 18.00 (excluding bank holidays) Saturday 09.00 to 13.00

Is freeDeliver available for Vans?

• No, but we can deliver vans through weDeliver, our paid delivery and collection service.

Is freeDeliver available on Prestige cars?

• Yes, available for hires for 2 days or more and within 5 miles radius of a Prestige hire location.

Can I still have the car delivered if I live more than 5 miles away from a hire location?

• Yes, through weDeliver, our paid delivery and collection service.

How do I book freeDeliver/weDeliver?

• Simply call our Reservations Team on 0871 384 9950 or complete a call back form online and a member of our Reservations Team will call you back to arrange your booking.

Can I book freeDeliver/weDeliver online?

• You can make an enquiry online using our Call Back Form, however to book delivery and collection you will need to speak to a member of our Reservations Team on 0871 384 9950

Will I be security checked?

• Yes, we need to validate your name and home address details against the credit/debit card used as the method of payment. The Payment card will need to match your name and be registered to your home address. Can I book any additional products?

• At time of booking you will be given the opportunity to include any additional products (i.e. Sat Nav, Additional Driver, and Risk Reduction Cover).

• You will have another opportunity to include additional products when we call you 24 hours prior to delivery.

• For details of our additional products please enquire when making the booking. What is the delivery and collection process?

• Once you have placed a booking with our Reservation Team, confirming delivery and collection details, you will receive a reservation number.

• You will be contacted 24 hours prior to your hire starting to re-confirm the booking details

• You will need to be available for 1 hour before the start of the hire to take collection of the vehicle

• You will be contacted when the vehicle has left our hire location to advise you of the vehicle details (make, model and colour) and the delivery driver’s name.

• You will be contacted before the hire is due to finish to confirm the collection details.

Who will deliver my hire vehicle?

• This will be delivered by either a member of our team, or by our approved outsourced delivery and collections company.

Can I book hire delivery overseas?  

• Unfortunately not, weDeliver is only available in the UK.  

How do the delivery drivers get back to the office?

• Our drivers will either get picked up by a colleague, or use a compact motorcycle which they stow away in the boot of the vehicle  

What proof do I need to show the delivery driver?

• You will need to have the following documents otherwise the hire may have to be cancelled.

• Photocard and counterpart driving licence

• Utility bill or bank statement

• Passport (required if the you do not have the photocard licence)

• Credit Card/Debit Card used to make the booking

Who needs to be present at the time of delivery?

• We require the person paying for the vehicle hire and any additional drivers to be present (all drivers will need to show both parts of their licence).

Can the vehicle be delivered to a business/work/hotel address?

• We can only deliver a vehicle to the home address that the payment card is registered to.

Can a family member/neighbour/friend take delivery of the vehicle?

• The only person that can take delivery of the vehicle is the person that is paying for the hire.

Can I pay cash on delivery?

• We can only accept payment by credit card/debit card. The payment card must match with your name and home address details and will need to be paid in full prior to the hire commencing.

Can the car be collected from a different address to the delivery address with freeDeliver?

• Yes, we can collect the car from a different address, however this must be within a 5 miles radius of a hire location otherwise you can use weDeliver, our paid delivery and collection service.

• If the vehicle is collected from a different address, by a different hire location, a one-way charge may be incurred and price will be dependent on distance from the original hire location.

Who is liable for the vehicle while it’s waiting to be collected?

• The hirer (person who has paid for the hire) is responsible for the vehicle up to 2 working hours after the hire period has ended. This includes: o Any charges relating to parking, congestion zones or fines. o Any damage to the vehicle.

Can a family member/neighbour/friend be available for collection?

• Yes, someone else may be present for collection of the vehicle but will need to agree to sign for the vehicle’s condition. As the hirer (the person who has paid for the hire vehicle) you will still be responsible for the car up to 2 hours prior to the collection.

What if I want to extend the length of my hire?

• If you wish to keep the vehicle for longer than you have booked please call the hire location the vehicle was delivered from to make the arrangements.

Can I have the vehicle delivered but return it to the hire location?

• Yes, this can be arranged when making the booking, or if your plans change you can arrange this by calling the hire location.

Can I leave the vehicle empty of fuel?

• Yes, but you will be charged at the national average pump price* plus £0.85 per litre to fill the tank. *petrolprices.com

• If you have pre-purchased our Full Tank Option, you can return the car empty of fuel

Do I get the model vehicle that I have booked?

• This will be within the category of vehicle that you have booked as we can not guarantee make and model.

Subject to availability and full terms and conditions